What is an SPS Coral?

SPS (small polyp stony) corals are a group of coral species that mostly make up a coral reef. Characterized by tiny polyps with branches, they have a stony calcium carbonate skeleton.


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Lime green/yellow Acropora Tenuis frag


Silver Blue Tabling Acropora Maricultured Frag

Montipora Frags (Wyiswyg)


Bali Green Slimer Acropora 1.5inch approx (WYSIWYG)


Bio Green Goblin Anacropora (WYSIWYG)


Green Pavona SPS Coral Frag


Purple Rain Acropora Abrolhosensis Staghorn Coral Aussie Maricultured Frag


Aqua Bronze Acropora Abrolhosensis Staghorn Coral Aussie Maricultured WYSIWYG


Blue Eye Leptastrea SPS


Freak Hair Pavona SPS


Flourescent Green Polyp, Pink Skin Stylophora, Large frag SPS


Bright Green Montipora Digitata


Well grown Montipora Forest Fire SPS


Rainbow Stylophora AKA JF Bugout


Red Plating Montipora SPS


Bluetooth Montipora, Blue SPS


Sunset Montipora SPS, Very well encrusted frag


Green Encrusting Pavona SPS


Monster Jam Psammocora


Blue Polyp encrusting Montipora SPS


Tangerine Dream Psammacora, SPS


Neon Green Plating Montipora SPS on a plug


Montipora Mystic Sunset, Well encrusted frag SPS


Red Dragon Acropora