Soft corals are one of the most popular and readily available corals in the hobby. As their name implies, they are soft, lacking a major stony external skeleton. Contrary to common misconception, soft corals are not false corals. Instead, they are true corals.

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Good size wam bam watermelon zoa Frags. 10plus polyp per frag


Iron man disco mushroom


Lime Chilli Zoa 1 Head


Reverse Space Monster Zoa 4 heads Minimum


Palythoa Grandis Paly/Zoa, Huge Heads


Green Implosion Paly/Zoa


Ultimate Green Implosion Paly/Zoa


Ultra Red/Purple Deadpool Mushroom WYSIWYG


Bubblegum Violet 15 plus head Zoa Colony WYSIWYG


Whammin Watermelon 10 plus head Zoa Colony WYSIWYG


Red Galaxy People Eater Zoa Colony WYSIWYG


Cold as Ice 9 plus head Zoa Colony WYSIWYG


Blue Lagoon


Blue Hornet (Cut to order)


Blue Daisy (Cut to order)


Blackberry Voodoo (Cut to order)


Blonde Blue Eyed Bitch (Cut to order)


Bam Bam (Cut to order)


Awesome Blossom (Cut to order)


Armour of God (Cut to order)


Acid Reflux (Cut to order)


Interstellar Zoa Min 3 Heads


Interstellar Zoa Mini Colony WYSIWYG


Superman Zoanthid frag 8+ polyps ZOA easy soft coral