If you’re new to the hobby, chances are that you want the easiest corals for your tank. LPS (large polyp stony) corals are a great consideration.

In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about LPS corals, from their feeding and care to selecting the simplest species. Let’s go!

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Australian Torches


Kenya tree


Mint Coloured hammer


New york knicks single head




Golden eye chalice


Lemon and Lime Favia Favites Coral Frag (Aquacultured) LPS


Button scolly


Holy grail torch single heads


Aqua Blue Lithophyllon Chalice Coral Frag (Aquacultured) LPS


Blastomussa Merletti Mini Colony LPS


Raspberry Chalice Coral Frag LPS (Aquacultured)


Mummy Eye Chalice Coral Frag (Aquacultured)


Green/Gold Leptoseris Coral Frag (Aquacultured) LPS


Watermelon Chalice LPS Mini Colony WYSIWYG


Watermelon Chalice Coral Frag LPS (Aquacultured)


Green Lantern Chalice Coral Frag LPS (Aquacultured)


Blastomussa Merletti Coral Frag(min 3 heads) LPS


Aqua Teal Blue Blastomussa Wellsi Coral Frag LPS (min 3 heads)


Aqua Candy Cane Caulastrea Coral (Min 2 heads)


Mr Freeze leptoseris LPS


Cyphastrea Meteor Shower LPS Frag


Pectinia coral


Medium lobophyllia lobo