Competition Time x 2!! 🔥🔥

We have 2 prize draws to win a 1 litre set of z-complete from our sponsors Reef Zlements
Buying Corals
All you have to do to enter is:
Buy a coral through our store every order is 1 entry.
If you sell corals
Upload 10 corals for sale on our store (each set of 10 is 1 entry)
Winners will be drawn on the 29/07/2021



A complete 2 Part dosing system, inorganic and ionically balanced, Z-Complete contains all main Macro, Micro and Trace elements our corals need to thrive:

  • Z-Complete allows you to provide your reef aquarium with optimal amounts of Alkalinity and Calcium.

  • Z-Complete can be dosed out of the bottle or, if for safety or for a smaller aquarium you prefer to dose lower concentrations you can dilute it.

  • Z-Complete dosed as recommended will maintain your aquarium ionic balance.

  • Z-Complete supplies your reef with boron, bromide, chromium, fluoride, iodide, lithium, magnesium, potassium, sulphate, strontium, and many other trace elements.​

  • Z-Complete can increase coral growth by 2x other dosing methods, nonetheless increased dosing consumption is to be expected.

  • Z-Complete is likely the most cost effective 2 part system available in the UK. Dosing other elements will be minimal, however the majority of our macro, micro and trace elements are more concentrated than any other currently available and extremely competitive.

If you are interested in working with us on a giveaway then please contact us directly.