When you add a product in the sellers dashboard you can choose which options you want to allow. Please see video tutorial here

All shipping should be sent on Monday to Thursdays please add your products description if you have other options available. This is at your discretion so please put this in your description for each item.

Everyone receives an order invoice

We will accept a postcode area when filling in the sellers form but in order to take payments you will need to fill your full address on stripe. Not to worry nobody can see this.

Please see our guide here

Just delete the product you can see a video guide here.

In the categories choose “available for swap” which will add it to the swap list.

In the categories choose “available for shipping” which will add it to the shipping list. Also make sure you add your shipping method which their is a guide here.


Your account is connected through stripe once the buyer pays for the goods stripe will send your payment through which can take up to 7 working days.

Stripe say up to 7 working days. However once you have sold 20 items stripe will speed up that process and you can even request same day payments from them.

This is automatically deducted from the buyers payment amount and sent to us automatically. You can view commission costs examples here.

Yes you can refund a customer and it will also refund our commission at the same time. Just access your stripe account to do so via

The system is currently set up for stripe only payments on credit or debit card because this is much cheaper than PayPal.

We earn just 3% commission from every sale so to put that into context for every £300 you sell we just earn £9.