How our platform came about

Built by reefers – After buying and selling on eBay, FB Marketplace and online in general. We decided that we were becoming more and more reluctant to sell our corals online for the following reasons:

  1. The fees were getting out of hand
  2. Facebook was starting to block coral sales
  3. Buyers on eBay could claim for a coral dying up to 2 weeks after the coral had arrived to the buyer.
  4. Other sellers could receive positive reviews on other items when in fact their corals were at a poor standard.

Looking at the problem and the fact that we had frags we wanted to swap or even sell we decided to look into setting up a marketplace. The marketplace would enable everyone to be able to swap, auction, sell and buy corals online with no need for a website.

It is important to keep the fees as low as possible to enable the community to either make more profit or keep costs of buying corals down. eBay for example charges 12.8% on each sale, there had to be a better way.

Selling corals does not have to be expensive

With cheap rates so you can save money against the common platforms. This is the platform built by the reefing community!